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Aliana Grand

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About me

Hey .. Thank you for taking time to visit my adult website and get to know a little bit more about me.

My name is Aliana and I am always up for good time. You just need to join me on a live chat and I am pretty sure we can find a way to share good moments !

I am now 24 and I live in Europe. I am just starting to explore my sexuality, and I am fascinated by the thought that they are watching me, it really turns me on.

 Stunning, incredibly beautiful, sexy BBW !!! I love bacon, beautiful strong guys, sex and porn!

 I am a cheerful, kind, gentle, passionate, burning brunette! I am a gorgeous lady, size XXXL, I have a lot of sex and attractiveness! I want to share my crazy sexual energy with the whole world.

My body is a wonderland of magical, soft curves. I am naturally busty (105D) with elastic buttocks, thick hips, a large beautiful plush belly (I have a navel piercing) and muscular calves. My shoe size is 38. My height is 165. I have hypnotic brown eyes that cannot be forgotten, and all of them convey my emotions. My Friends say that I can stop a person at a glance. My touch is gentle, from which goose bumps! My passionate kisses, from which the pulse goes off scale !!! My sweet voice is breathtaking!

Out of hours, when I’m offline, my time is spent traveling with friends, bowling, billiards, dancing in music clubs, karaoke, listening to music, watching exciting films and TV shows. Camping, trekking in the forest mushrooms, a trip to the park, a trip to the cottage by the river, eat barbecue. Oh yeah! I really love to eat! Ha ha ha !!! Campfire, walking barefoot through the dew, birdsong, the smell of freshness of nature can not be expressed in words, I absolutely love it all!

I love long conversations with friends at dinner, drinking cognac and eating good food. I have a good sense of humor (very welcome). I love positive people! I am an adventurer for life! I exist in a colorful world, in my world there is nothing black and white.

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When I am on webcam adult chat, I like to chat, laugh and play with my body and toys.

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You just need to join me on a live chat and I am pretty sure we can find a way to share good moments !
When I am on webcam, I like to chat, laugh and play with my body and toys.


Discover some details about me
NameAliana Grand
Zodiac signScorpio
HairsLong and black
Weight100 kilos
Body typeSexy BBW
Sexual preferenceBisexual
DrinkI like to drink good cognac in the company of friends
SmokeNon Smoker

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I love to feel these magical vibes in my wet pussy

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I'm waiting for you and I am always ok for trying new position, new toys, and new sexy experience.


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